Thursday, February 18, 2010



2009 to 2010 !

What happened to the green drain, where water was able to seep into the earth, make it moist, grow the grass and allow groundwater to recharge? While we have 'projects' to harvest rainwater from 'each house,' alongside concrete is poured on the earth. As the drain in Defence Colony is being covered, to make underground parking and 'jogging tracks' and to rid those who live alongside of its 'nuisance value,' it is turning from 'green' to 'concrete,' I suppose this is what 'greening the city' really means. Lots of sloganeering, but little space for grass to grow any more.

Why do we need to pour concrete in the drain? Surely there are better ways of covering it and still letting the water flow on the bare ground below? After all these are also storm water drains, and make the network of a water system which is connected to the river. Only of late have they been turned into 'nullahs!' Maybe the 'engineers' are uncomfortable with the idea or maybe it increases the size of the contract. Who knows. Ultimately if we do not do everything differently than we have in the past, all talk of sustainability is only that. Talk! Nothing more.

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