Saturday, March 3, 2007

everything is to go!

Dear all,
this follows my barrage of mails over the past days. I can only photograph so many trees! Every single tree you see in the pictures below are marked for felling. No exception. These pictures from today morning are on the road between Kaka nagar and Sunder Nagar (near zoo), not only on both sides but also the centre of the road.And as I said yesterday this is over 14 kms for a high capacity bus service!!! The felling is from Madangir to Moolchand to Delhi Gate I have been told - the whole length.

A friend spoke to a senior govt person in delhi yesterday. He said 'we cannot stop progress.'

So either rise and shine now dear friends or then like the romans 'have an orgy' of progress. Please spread the word. If we can save anything, anything it will take some effort. Else they are all gone --over 2500 prime trees -

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