Sunday, March 4, 2007

last holi for this one?

Dear all,

Spare a thought for this glorious tree, on holi. it is marked for felling soon for the high capacity bus service, on the road dividing kaka nagar and sunder nagar! As I have been saying, for a few days now, everything is to go on a 14 km stretch, 2500 prime beautiful trees!


Monixa said...

Dear Ravi

Your photographs are the only thing that will be left behind of the beauty of the trees and the time that they hold in themselves - the years that have gone to make them as glorious as they are. A photo does not reduce the tragedy of the situation but at least reminds us of what we are losing/have lost.


Screen said...

great work!
I will be visiting here quite often.
lots of good-will and luck to you!